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Bergamo, Italy, May 15, 2008

SoftSolutions!, always striving for financial technology innovations, announces that XTrade! Square connectivity service will include the gateway to the recently launched MTS market ProEuro MTS.

ProEuroMTS, the new order-driven cash market, is designed to promote liquidity by involving new and existing actors such as Hedge Funds and Market Makers.

These partecipants are now able to interact in a higher performance environment by trading financial instruments with the aid of newly added features.

SoftSolutions! XTrade! Square multimarket platform, designed for high performance trading and caractherized by a complete set of fixed income , repo and IRS gateways, integrates now all the new functionalities introduced with ProEuroMTS market and latest market protocol release (R5) by supporting a higher performance environment,its new multiple edits features, the new failover behaviour while mantaining the company’s high standard of customer satisfaction by anticipating and promptly respond to market needs.

Through the added features the trader is able to significantly reduce the total latency as well as further improve the performance level of the transactions.

The customers’ tests of the new gateway have produced enthusiastic results.