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Bergamo, Italy, April 17, 2008

SoftSolutions! presents the new XTrade! Square gateway for the TLX markets

The multitrading and multiasset XTrade! Square platform is enriched with a new gateway for the bond markets. SoftSolutions! presents this new service that allows the connection to the Italian bond markets TLX and EuroTLX.

XTrade! Square traders can now act in an integrated way even on the TLX markets. The strong increase in volumes, consequently also to the MiFID introduction, has amplified the importance of both market segments, the regulated exchange TLX and the MTF EuroTLX.

The TLX markets aim to satisfy the needs of non-professional investors by offering the possibility to negotiate more than 2,400 financial instruments.

XTrade! Square, real-time, multiclient and multimarket platform that presents trading functionalities to operate on B2B and B2C markets, is characterized by a variety of graphic interfaces and features available to traders to perform simultaneously on all the markets connected to the platform.

With the addition of the connection to the TLX markets, the platform has reached a new level of completion for those who are active on Italian market segments by integrating the current gateways offer for the bond markets.