Our History

In 1997, Roberto Cocchi started his vision to create high quality software for the Financial Sector, and founded SoftSolutions, an information technology company focusing on the regulated financial markets, primarily on public sector bond issuance.

Over the last 25 years, the highly qualified team at SoftSolutions has grown in size and expertise, responding to the needs of the market and the requirements of our established client-based of global and regional banks.

Corporate Responsibility

SoftSolutions aligns its corporate values across all company divisions and locations, with respect and integrity at the core.

The company is working towards becoming carbon-neutral and has already initiated a hybrid working programme that allows staff to work remotely.

To encourage and promote talent development, SoftSolutions established The Academy in 2019, where young keen candidates at the start of their careers can come to learn more about technology, enhance their skills and receive mentoring and advice, as well as often their first job or apprenticeship. Learn more about the Academy here.

SoftSolutions will assist clients to transition towards more sustainable business models by offering our innovative products, services and advice.

Management & Staff

Collaboration is at the core of the SoftSolutions business model. Each member of the team brings their own unique skills and expertise to create a holistic solution to each client’s challenge, all responding rapidly and acting proactively. Teamwork and communication are at the heart of how SoftSolutions works with its clients.

Roberto Cocchi

Owner & CEO

With a Masters in Physics gained in 1992 and an experience in laser gas detection systems development, Roberto became passionate about programming and distributed information systems.

This led to an early career start in electronic data systems, introducing Teknekron (now Tibco) to Italian financial institutions in the early ’90’s. Realising that the emerging openness in trading protocols and related technology was a true value for the markets, Roberto founded SoftSolutions.

SoftSolutions was the first company to provide technology to connect to MTS – the first pan-European secondary market for Fixed Income. Since then Roberto has constantly pushed for innovation; launching a number of trading systems for primary and secondary trading in Fixed Income.

Roberto is an enthusiastic luthier, with a selection of his violins having been played in public concerts. Making a violin is an accomplishment of passion and patience.

Andrea Palermo

Head of Product

Graduated with a first-class degree in Electronic Engineering, Andrea has worked in the Fixed Income industry since 2003. As part of SoftSolutions helpdesk team, he built up a very deep knowledge of this demanding trading domain by supporting major European cash desks in using SoftSolutions’ products, covering primary auctions and secondary market activities.

Since 2011, Andrea has been driving the design and implementation of nexRates, the lead product of current SoftSolutions product suite.

Andrea is a keen Economist but also enjoys literature, cinema, sports and classical music.

Siva Prasad Salipalli

Head of Software Production

With over 19 years of extensive experience in IT project management and Agile methodologies, I lead the software development initiatives at SoftSolutions. My expertise encompasses a wide range of IT projects, from innovative mobile applications to comprehensive digital signature solutions, showcasing a robust portfolio of successfully delivered projects. Having spent a significant part of my career in Singapore, I bring a global perspective and a dynamic approach to software development and team leadership.

In my current role as Head of Software Development, I focus on driving excellence and innovation across all our projects. I am dedicated to mentoring and coaching our teams towards achieving higher Agile maturity, ensuring that our project management practices are both efficient and effective. My hands-on experience with various management tools allows me to maintain clear communication and precise tracking of tasks, statuses, metrics, and reports, ensuring that our team remains aligned and focused on our delivery goals.

My approach is deeply rooted in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. I am committed to advancing our company’s objectives by leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, thus ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Ross G. Anthony

Head of Support and Delivery

Graduated with a Master in Economics, Ross has many years’ experience in the Finance industry and all the related technologies including electronic trading services, Execution Management Systems and Trader User Interfaces.

Ross is a Support and Operations Manager honed in enterprise environments, including key APAC financial institutions. His portfolio of project accomplishment includes investor relationship projects, equity operations, OTC trade conformity analysis. He is passionate, proactive and very mindful in delivering quality results

Ross is responsible for coordinating SoftSolutions’ functional and technical experts during both pre- and post-sales activities, building a long-term partnership with our international customers.