SoftSolutions Academy – The doors to the fintech world are open to you.

The ‘Academy’ is a laboratory within Softsolutions where we encourage, train and motivate passionate young talent to become technology professionals.

The Academy is not a school but a real ‘training gym’ where the most experienced software developers make their experience available to youngsters.

From the start, we establish a very strong link between learning and work. The students are typically hired immediately with a first level apprenticeship contract and are able to participate from the beginning in the main phases of software production.

Through the Academy, apprentices have the opportunity to become experts in the Fintech world (with sector specialisation in economic and technological growth). After the training is complete, graduates with a ITS Diploma (recognised across Europe) will have the option to be hired directly by SoftSolutions.

At SoftSolutions, we believe in encouraging the passion of people and we are ready to invest in their education. Below are some examples of young people who work at SoftSolutions:

Karima’s Story

My name’s Karima, I’m 23 and my role is Customer Support & Delivery. My entrance in SoftSolutions hasn’t been easy: when I first arrived, almost three years ago, I had never worked for a company and had no clue what the procedures, methodologies and requirements normally applied to such environment were. I didn’t even have an advanced technical education to make me suitable to cover this role, I was in every way a newbie – not really the easiest resource to place. But SoftSolution believed in me more than I did in many periods and they never let me down. I got better under all aspects here: I learned this incredibly difficult and stressful job (but also very fulfilling and satisfying!) and, mostly, I grew as a human being, getting to interface an adult world completely different from the one I was used to. SoftSolutions prepared for me a number of trainings and courses any time I would need them and always pushed me to take up my fears of failing as personal challenges. SoftSolutions blinks the eye at mistakes because they are fundamentally convinced they’re the best way to let people become better and improve the company itself. SoftSolutions is, in spite of my previous experiences, my real “work-mom”.

Alessandro’s Story

Hi, my name is Alessandro, I’m 26 and my role in SoftSolutions is DevOps Team Leader. I’ve started my career in SoftSolutions five years ago, it has been easy, because I’ve started to work in a field that I loved. I’m a technology passionate since I was a child, and starting to work for a software house was the ambition I had during my studies. SoftSolutions is not my first work experience, but it is the first work in a software house. The first role I played in SoftSolutions has been the IT Support. It was fantastic, because I had the opportunity to study new technologies, and expand my knowledge. After that, I focused on DevOps, starting from scratch and getting where I am now. SoftSolutions has always believed in me and in my potential, valuing and highlighting my capabilities. The path is not always easy, but SoftSolutions also teaches you to learn from mistakes so they won’t repeated. In SoftSolutions I found a family, and before being colleagues we are friends … and this is fantastic!

Alins’s Story

Hi, my name is Alin and my job at SoftSolutions is Junior Devops. My adventure here began with a “school-work alternation”: among a list of interesting possibilities that the school was offering me SoftSolutions was the one that most intrigued me even though, since I have always been interested in IT, I was wondering: “what do I have to do with the financial world?”. At the end it was a non-sense question: I discovered that more than financial skills, here the basic requirement is a strong passion for technology and so I immediately felt comfortable .
At the beginning, as it happens with all interns, I was given a list of simple tasks and, since I am l a quick and a well-organized learner, I finished them in advance, much earlier than expected. So one day my team-leader asked me to solve an even more complex problem. I like to solve problems and didn’t waste time and when I brought him the results he told me: “you are a smart guy: would you like to work for us?”. Unfortunately there were still two years to go before I graduated from high school, but once I finished school I came here and the promise was fulfilled.
Today I am here: I have been hired and I am growing in this role.
I’m aware that here people have been able to look beyond my abilities and skills and have seen my willingness to find solutions and my ability to learn from mistakes and for this reason they have decided to invest in my professional growth. SoftSolutions is a company where curiosity, passion for technology and the desire to experiment are always rewarded!