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SoftSolutions! presents a new and important XTrade!Square “trading service” that permits dealers to define criteria for real-time automatic answers.

XT2! customers active on B2C markets have adopted RAR Service and with them we have verified the validity of RAR characteristics as :
– multidimensional configurability; thanks to the possibility of setting-up a matrix of configuration parameters, dealers define the standard answer with the needed granularity. You can assign your spread to a complete customer category or to each single instrument.
– integrability with your Pricing Engine, Risk Management and any other applications in order to link all relevant customer info and manage the automatic RFQs answers in a complete way.
– Real-Time answer; thanks to the distributed architecture of XTrade!Square platform, RAR service reacts in a very fast way (few hundred milliseconds).

Thanks to its high level of configurability, the goal of the RAR service will be to manage in a very effective way more than 85-90% of RFQs and Switches.