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Inside Market Data review presents the new Web based DataFeed platform adopt by MTS Group and created by SoftSolutions!

SoftSolutions! developed the Web Data Feed application for the MTS group (Mercato dei Titoli di Stato, www.mts.) in order to substitute the Data Feed client applications, to burden on non-trading consumers of MTS quasi real-time data, with the aim of:
· reducing the load on the central system (less data feed profiles);
· reducing the number of Open Servers to be deployed;
· increase data delivery throughput and reduce data delivery delay;
· reduce cost and time to add new users.

Data feed is a Web application which permit to MTS regulators and issuer to monitor the MTS data feed markets data. Secure private access is one of the important keys and is guarantee by the use of SSL, PKI registration and a token-based control access.
The Data Feed is a distributed three layer web application composed by different components:
MDF (Market Data Fountain): get data feed data from the market storing them into a specific data cache (real time fast cache + database cache). MDF is scalable and able to work in cluster with more MDF environments to permit fault tolerant services and multiple access to different markets.

WDA (Web Data access personalization of components of XTrade!Square connectivity and quoting system): is the user web application front end which get the user requests, send them to the data cache and, after collecting response deliver them to the user. WDA send and receive XML data and convert on flight (using XLS stile sheet descriptors) them to HTML for the users browsers.

JMS communication bus: is the communication layer between the MDF and WDA aims to decuple co-operation between MDF layer and WDA layer. It permits standard-based communication and openness, robust performance and scalability of the whole system.
The Online Data Feed software runs on two clusters Linux based and Solaris based. The system is completely written in Java for data capture and display and uses open Source engines Apache Tomcat 4.1 as servlet container and MySQL as the RDBMS (relational database management system) cache.