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Anna Cochetti

The latest version of BestX:FI-A continues to increase success rate for automated execution of credit bond orders with integration of both in-platform and external execution algorithms.

SoftSolutions are pleased to announce the latest version of the BestX:FI-A Software platform for Fixed Income Order Execution, now with new computer based interfaces for external execution algorithms.

BestX:FI-A already has an established track record of effective automated execution. With over 10 years of proven capability in the credit bond markets, this platform is now regularly achieving over 60% of orders executed without any manual intervention, despite the recent volatile markets.

Working across all the major trading venues – Bloomberg, MarketAxess and Tradeweb – BestX:FI-A seeks liquidity using a combination of real-time market data, historical data and axes without making any impact on the markets. This enables the software platform to decide on the right execution strategy to fill the order automatically and achieve best execution.

The latest version of BestX:FI-A now makes all the software platform capabilities available through feature rich APIs.

“Our latest enhancement in BestX:FI-A now enables our clients to develop execution algorithms in our platform or to act as the integration layer for external algorithmic execution engines as well. This has already allowed one of our Tier 1 clients to leverage their own historical data analytics to enhance their liquidity discovery” said Anna Cochetti – SoftSolutions’ Product Director for BestX:FI-A.

 BestX:FI-A is also now available both as a deployed software platform and a fully hosted cloud based solution on AWS, making it easy for Asset Managers, Private Banks, Brokers and other Low-Touch desks looking for Fixed Income automated solutions to quickly deploy the right capability without risk.