March 21st, 2016 – Portfinance Goes Live with MDX’s Trader Collaboration Solution

21st March 2016 – London- MDX is very pleased to announce that Portfinance, a total return hedge fund,has gone live with the MDX data distribution solution for high performance real-time data collaboration amongst its trading group. Marco Tartaglini, Director, Portfinance said, “We were very impressed by the ease of implementation and integration of the MDX […]

October 29th, 2015 – SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Limited adopts nexRates, the Fixed Income solution

London, UK – October 29th, 2015 – SoftSolutions!, leading provider of Fixed Income software products, is proud to announce that SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Limited has adopted nexRates to support its fixed income business. nexRates, SoftSolutions! reliable and high performance infrastructure, supports SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Limited in its fast growing fixed income business. Embedding […]

October 1st 2015 -Taking the top desk

October 1st 2015 – Taking the top desk – On The Desk magazine, Quorum 15’s Gabriele Frediani and CEO Roberto Cocchi, and Michele Comi, sales director of SoftSolutions! discuss the impact of European regulations and the state of the art of Fixed Income technology. You can find the full article “Taking the top desk” here. […]

January 20th 2015 – SoftSolutions! XTAuctions! Suite Supports Negative Rates Auctions

Bergamo, Italy – January 20th 2015 – SoftSolutions! announces that XTAuctions! product suite has achieved operational capability to perform negative yield bidding for Italian and Spanish Bill auctions. Negative yield auctions are becoming a novel feature in many countries and for central banks across the EU and the world, and have been adopted by many […]

July 9th 2014 – SoftSolutions!’s MOT Gateway has been certified by Borsa Italiana

Bergamo, Italy –  July 9th, 2014 – The connectivity suite from SoftSolutions! is now certified by Borsa Italiana for MOT market . The SoftSolutions! team has implemented the new MillenniumIT protocol for MOT, as part of its regular process of enhancing and expanding its wide set of Fixed Income connectivity gateways, which currently provides access to nearly 20 different Fixed […]

April 9th 2014 – SoftSolutions!’ XTAuctions! Major Release 2014 is Now Available

Bergamo, Italy – April 9th, 2014 –SoftSolutions! is happy to announce that the Major Release 2014 for the XTAuctions! suite (including XTAuctions!Italy, XTAuctions!Spain, XTOptes! and XTOpen!) is now available. With our customers’ precious feedback and collaboration we have been able to enhance its features and so to have a better product. XTAuctions! is a front-office, multi-user application that allows participation in the bidding […]

March 19th 2014 – SoftSolutions! Joins Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program

Bergamo, Italy – March 19, 2014 – SoftSolutions! today announced its inclusion in Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program, a group of more than 125 financial technology providers to the institutional marketplace. The program establishes integration and interoperability with financial software providers. SoftSolutions! is a financial software company which has delivered software products and services since […]

February 24th 2014 – Yet Another Tier 1 Bank Enhances its Primary Dealer Technology with XTAuctions! Spain

Bergamo – February 24th 2014 – After little more than one year from the first operation on XTAuctions! Spain, yet another Bank has adopted XTAuctions!, which has now been chosen by over one third of non-Spanish Specialists in Bonos and Letras. XTAuctions! has established itself as a reference standard for European Primary markets: almost half […]