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Milano, February 7, 2023

SoftSolutions, a leading provider of critical trading software, has verified that its systems are not affected by the recently discovered CVE-2021-21974 vulnerability. The company applied the necessary patch in 2022, ensuring the security and reliability of its systems.

In light of recent high-profile cyber-attacks, such as the ION ransomware crash, companies in the financial sector have been particularly concerned about vulnerabilities in their systems. SoftSolutions takes the security of its clients’ data very seriously and is committed to proactively addressing any potential threats.

“At SoftSolutions, the security and reliability of our systems is our top priority,” said Alfonso Luciano, CISO. “We understand the importance of keeping our clients’ data safe and secure, and are proud to have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our systems are not vulnerable to this and minimise exposure to any other potential threats by being pro-active with patching and Data security procedures.”

The company continues to monitor its systems and implement the latest security measures to ensure the protection of its clients’ data. SoftSolutions is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of security and support in the industry.

About SoftSolutions

SoftSolutions is a leading provider of critical trading software for investment banks. The company offers a range of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the financial sector, including nexRates, XTAuctions and BestX:FI-A. This press release is intended for COO and CTO of investment banks to inform them that SoftSolutions has taken necessary measures to ensure the security of its systems and protect its clients’ data.