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As a sell-side trader, you need YOUR information immediately available when a client makes an inquiry. YOUR information, not the one your IT, your vendor, another desk or even your colleague has. This is why nexRates is your best technology in the current race to win business from increasingly sophisticated clients, in a volatile and difficult market.
In the video you’ll see in detail how a Trader/Quant/Front Office specialist can tailor client inquires to your needs.
nexRates is delivered with 40+ different example inquiry popups, adaptable to your needs; also a rules engine, based on the specific inquiry contents, governs dynamically the type of inquiry display you receive, giving you the precise set of information that you want. So you can have one display for EM’s where you are short and another where you’re long. Then you can have US Credits inquiries with risk and hedging information displayed, augmented by internal client notes and CVA. All tailoring is centrally stored, with top-notch lifecycle and authorization process management.

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