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Bergamo, September 21st 2005 – European leading repo market maker selects RepoImpact!, the vertical solution for REPO trading built on top of XTrade! Square platform, for trading on new MTS MMF Repo market.

RepoImpact! provides advanced autoquoting features that permit to the REPO desk full operativity as market maker on new MTS MMF REPO market.
Robustness and performances are guaranteed by XT2! architecture, while flexibility and integrability is supported by SoftSolutions! XLink technology which provides Excel formulas for Positions Import/Export, Proposals contribution, Automatic Hit and Lift and Real Time market info.

Andrea Gambirasio, SoftSolutions! head of project, says “We’ve put a great effort in REPOImpact! to meet REPO traders requirements: they can get on the market with few clicks and from that moment on, the system automatically controls their contribution in real time according to Position Keeping information. We are particularly satisfied for the ease of migration that REPOImpact! provides to users that had adopted the former REPO-Link technology. The success of our repo platform is a great satisfaction and a challenging opportunity to continuously improve the quality of our multimarket technology.”

Roberto Cocchi, SoftSolutions! President, says “We are excited that a leading actor in the European financial markets has selected SoftSolutions! as its provider of MTS MMF REPO market connectivity. We are confident that we meet highest standards, and that the leading edge technology that is prominent within RepoImpact! platform will support customers in extending their leadership in the REPO market.”.