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Bergamo, Italy, October 8th, 2012 – After just six months from first customer’s go-live, SoftSolutions!’ XTAuctions! Spain has already been adopted by five out of fifteen non-Iberian Primary Dealers for Spanish Debt.

In today’s landscape, Spanish Debt represents a major topic in European sovereign markets and SoftSolutions! platform has once again proved to be a trustable and prevailing solution to access the Italian and Spanish Government Bonds.

Roberto Cocchi, SoftSolutions! CEO, considered: “After the success of the Italian solution and in response to the growing need for a multi-country auctions platform, we developed XTAuctions! Spain, with the active collaboration of Banco de España. The adoption of the unique platform XTAuctions!, using the same infrastructure and ergonomic interface provided with XTAuctions! Italy, reduces operational complexity. Primary Dealers who chose to adopt this unique solution are experiencing greater security and minimized operational risk.”

Elena Di Gennaro, XTAuctions! Responsible, added: “All the adopters of the solution are already benefiting from the use of a single interface to manage auctions for both Spanish and Italian Bonds, resulting in a smart and clear operation. Traders report enthusiastically about speed of transactions and great usability of XTAuctions!.”