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SoftSolutions!, leader in Europe in delivering real-time, multi-market and multi-client financial trading systems, is pleased to announce its confirmation for the 6th consecutive year as an MTS ISV.

As an authorized MTS ISV, SoftSolutions! has been offering technology solutions to MTS clients and partners in more than 10 EU countries since 1998. SoftSolutions provides a global platform XTrade! Square (XT2!) for Market Makers and Market Takers, and such platform includes a vast amount of functionalities and experience which is available to MTS clients. Also the decision to provide XT2! as an open platform has permitted clients and other vendors to optimize usage of the XT2! platform, enabling clients to leverage available resources and skills.

“SoftSolutions! has been providing access to MTS technologies since the very beginning of MTS inception” said Michele Comi, Sales Director, SoftSolutions!. “Big sell sides and small size regional banks have benefited and benefit from the straight-forwardness and ease of use of XT2!. Today our solutions are not only used for market making in the EGB’s but also to take advantage of opportunities linked to MIFID, new issuances by DMO’s and the increased appetite in credits. For all of these opportunities our clients are using innovative solutions that enable them to stay ahead of their competitors; names such XTAuctions! and BestX!, on which is based well-known SABE service, are coming to get increasingly well known in the fixed income community”.