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Italy, Nov 22nd, 2016 – since the United Kingdom’s 2016 decision to leave the European Union there has been much uncertainty around how UK legal entities will access European financial markets and how they will be treated going forward – this continues to be the case until the final deadline date.

As a provider of trading systems for primary and secondary markets to both European and British financial institutions, since the Brexit referendum result, SoftSolutions! has sought to provide reassurance to our clients by offering business continuity provisions in case of potential hard, soft and other forms of Brexit. This has come in the form of offering parallel client servers to service potential EU and non-EU legal entities to ensure clients can seamlessly continue their business activities.

As an example, SoftSolutions! fosters close relationships with both the Bank of Italy and the Bank of Spain which has allowed us to always be up-to-date with regards to Brexit provisioning.

We expect to continue to be a point of reference as we support our clients through the Brexit transition phase.