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Hi-MTF market has been integrated as an additional “execution venue” for Best-X!, SoftSolutions!’ Smart Order Routing platform for automatic retail order negotiation on bond circuits.

The addition of Hi-MTF extends the fixed income market access provided by Best-X!, a leader SOR solution in Italy. Best-X! is the engine of SABE (built in partnership with Banca Akros), that ensures an effective and “dynamic” Best Execution for retail bonds execution, as required by Consob (Italian Regulatory Commission) for a complete MiFID compliancy. Over the last year Best-X! captured increasing flows for retail orders, reaching in the peak months a 93% execution ratio!

Giovanni Battista Roversi, CEO Hi-MTF “We are very pleased with this further proof of interest in our market which is increasingly emerging as one of the reference marketplaces for bond securities execution. SoftSolutions! has demonstrated excellent skills to manage this market integration smoothly.”

Roberto Cocchi, CEO SoftSolutions! confirms “The retail bond segment is experiencing a moment of great interest. The clients demonstrate to appreciate the services provided by the Best-X! solution, with its access to an increasing number of fixed income execution venues and a huge number of government bonds and OTC. Our years-long experience and results achieved in the world of fixed income have now been made available to the end users and to brokers like Banca Akros. The Hi-MTF market integration allows us to provide our customers with an important source of competitive prices, all for the benefit of the end-investor.”

Best-X!, active since 2006 and compliant with the MiFID directive since the 1st of November 2007, provides the transparency required by putting in competition different fixed income trading venues, such as MOT, EuroMOT, TLX, EuroTLX and dozens of Market Makers active on Bloomberg and Reuters circuits, to which we can now add the Hi-MTF market.