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Bergamo, Italy, May 27, 2011: SoftSolutions! multi-market and multi-asset XTrade! Square platform is ready for Nasdaq OMX Genium INET fixed income platform on Scandinavian markets.

Once obtained Nasdaq OMX certification, XTrade! Square customers brilliantly participated this week to the final MWAT testing phases, completing the market gateway migration from OMX Saxess to new Nasdaq OMX Genium INET environment.

One more time, SoftSolutions! Connectivity Team developers, with their market protocols expertise, lead XTrade! Square customers to a successful and timely market migration. The productive collaboration with our customers and Nasdaq OMX Support granted a smooth testing and tuning phase for new market gateway.

Fabrizio Aponte, Head of XTrade! Square Connectivity development Team, says: “Support provided by Nasdaq OMX was always effective and on time when facing the inevitable difficulties during Genium INET integration. The combined efforts of two technical teams permitted an efficient management of complexities met in the testing phases. The new single market access channel improved management of the extended sub-markets offer of Genium INET environment, optimizing trading and autoquoting features of XTrade! Square multi-market platform.”

Strengthening XTrade! Square access to Scandinavian markets, SoftSolutions! updated its set of 25 gateway and confirmed its wide Fixed Income markets connectivity offering.

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