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“SoftSolutions! is pleased to announce that Dexia Bank Belgium S.A. have become a client of its RepoImpact! XT2! trading platform”

Bergamo, May 21, 2007 – One of the leading market makers in Repo markets, Dexia Bank Belgium SA, selects RepoImpact! XT2!, the vertical solution for Repo trading built on top of SoftSolutions! real-time multi-market platform, XTrade! Square. With advanced auto-quoting features, XTrade! Square Repo permits Repo traders full operability as market makers in a multi-market environment, on MTS MMF REPO, Brokertec EU Repo, Eurex Repo and Bloomberg Repo markets.

Robustness and high performance are guaranteed by the XTrade! Square platform architecture. Position Keeping, Proposals contribution, Automatic Hit and Lift, Real Time market info, Back Office and real STP integration can be supported through one single interface.

Michele Comi, SoftSolutions! head of the project, says “We’ve put great effort in REPOImpact! to meet Repo trader requirements. With just a few clicks traders can be active on the market and from that moment on, the system automatically controls their contribution in real time according to Position Keeping information. We are very happy with the smooth migration the traders experienced from the former REPO-Link technology to XTrade! Square Repo. The success of our Repo platform is a great satisfaction and a challenging opportunity to continuously improve the quality of our multimarket technology”.

Stephan Piron, Senior Repo Dealer for Dexia Bank Belgium S.A in Brussels, says: “Our decision to adopt XTrade! Square for Repo was based on our experience we have had with the XTrade! Square platform for Cash as well as both the high level of flexibility and quality of support we get from SoftSolutions!. During these last few months we have had the opportunity to collaborate together which has resulted in the implementation of ad hoc trading functionalities for our environment which are already active in production”.

For additional information, contact:
Michele Comi:
T +39-035-22714-1