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Begamo, Italy, February 26th 2013 – SoftSolutions! further enhances speed of Spanish Government Bond Auctions.

Banco de España has recently decided to introduce an additional Auctions technical message, identified as DPENOT. This is a major change performed by Banco de España in the message transmission technique; in fact, DPENOT has introduced the “push-message” concept, greatly enhancing timeliness of messages to Dealers. Before the introduction of DPENOT, results and information about Spanish auctions were provided by a continuous poll, which affected Banco de España connectivity and resulted in a sub-optimal information flow to the desk. This DPENOT functionality is available only to the newest Auctions platforms that implement the automatic interface technology.

All XTAuctions! Spain’s customers are currently active with DPENOT, and are benefiting from faster and timely auction results.

Elena Di Gennaro, responsible for SoftSolutions!’ XTAuctions!, says: “The introduction of DPENOT in the communication protocol brought substantial improvements to the system and significant advantages for both Banco de España and the Dealers. Customers already enthusiastically report of timely auction results being received by the user, confirming the quantum leap from the past”.