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The latest release of XTrade2 (2.1.105) is now running in all our customers trading systems. This was part of an effort to deliver all of our latest enhancements of the platform to all participants. Users were impressed by the enhancements of usability of the new release, and in particular we received appreciation for:

  • New HDAT market + Greek compliancy
    ·New Graphical User Interface for Services (DAIF)
    ·New Quotation Strategy (HelpMeToBeCompliant)
    ·Portfolio Configuration on Proposal Manager AND on Compliancy Monitor
    ·Request For Quote AutoReplier Service (RAR)

The limited effort in client and server component reconfiguration was a key point in rapidly deploying the new release, which also hosts the following features:

  • Market and Services Connection Panel
    ·Proposal Manager Grid Settings Configuration
    ·Compliancy Column on Proposal Manager
    ·Lock on Editing for Compliancy Monitor