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Bergamo, Italy, December 19, 2007

SoftSolutions!, by adding two new American financial institutions and a Tier 1 European prominent bank, has achieved the Primary Dealer London market leadership as provider of software and services for the access to the Italian Primary Market for Government Bonds.

Such market represents the fundamental element in managing the public debt. The Italian emission, operated by Banca d’Italia, is for volume and typology the most important offer among the Euro group countries.

The leading participants to the Italian auctions are a chosen selection from the European financial pool; the Primary Dealer group includes the most representative financial institutions at a national and worldwide level ( that are able to handle almost entirely the yearly emission of BOT, BTP, CTZ and BTPi ( such emissions equal approximately 200billions Euro for the BOT and 100 for the BTP).

SoftSolutions! has created XTAuctions! to answer to the traders functional needs for the Primary Market Auctions. Furthermore the product offers an efficient system for connecting to the Banca d’Italia network and has shortly become the functional and technological standard for Auctions participation.

XTAuctions!, integrated with XTOptes! for Treasury operations, has unique characteristics: built by specialist for the specialists; born internationally for international users; integrated with secondary markets for a realtime checking of prices.

Some of the main London Primary Dealers have enthusiastically adopted this product even since last year allowing SoftSolutions! to reach the leadership in the UK market, this is considered the financial centre of the world.

Roberto Abati, XTAuctions! Product Manager, says,” 2007 has been a fantastic year. XTAuctions! Success has been sweeping and the users and market feedback has gratified the effort of the entire staff and involved partners. A special thank goes to the Specialists who through their feedbacks have made possible the realization of an incredibly innovative and user-friendly system and, to quote one of our clients, ‘XTAuctions is the best….is too easy to use’”.

Roberto Cocchi, SoftSolutions! Presidents, adds,” Since the beginning SoftSolutions! has distinguished itself for the made-for-the-client support, for the dedication towards quality products and toward the highest level of customer service. The success in customer retention that we are now enjoying has been made possible through our continuous monitoring for technologies and our constant update on financial markets”.

Roberto Abati
T +39-035-22714-1