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Bergamo, Italy, August 28th, 2012 – SoftSolutions! announces its collaboration with nexRates, a recently formed company that provides a fully integrated, purpose-built Rates trading platform.

nexRates is an innovative, cost-effective alternative in the Financial Software market, which combines new trading experience, latest technology, high performance and high quality service with premium support.

nexRates’ core team blends the consultancy of fixed income experts, dedicated Quants team and  experienced staff for trader support, all complemented by SoftSolutions!’ 15 years experience in Fixed Income connectivity, quoting and trading solutions.

nexRates provides an all-in-one platform, integrating Trading and Quoting, Pricing, Risk and Position Keeping services in a unique and readily expandable solution. The solution is complete with market connectivity and is active on a variety of asset classes, amongst which are EuroGovies, Corporates and High Yield bonds. All functionalities are enhanced by the high usability of the advanced GUI, which was designed by bond trading consultants and developed with the latest technology, for an efficient, trader-to-trader solution.

“SoftSolutions! and nexRates’ teams have worked with real enthusiasm in the last two years, and the result is a new generation platform for Rates market making and trading. Feedback from demo presentations has been extremely positive, and confirmed usability and alignment to what today’s rates trader requires and needs.” said Roberto Cocchi, SoftSolutions! CEO. “nexRates blends Tier 1 banks traders’ indications, advanced analytics, fastest connectivity and a multitude of trading features in a modern trading platform, to provide rates traders with one of the fastest and most customizable trading platforms available anywhere.”

Andrea Palermo, Product Manager of nexRates said: “nexRates will bring innovation and a greater usability for bond traders with a purpose-built integrated platform. Thanks to the kick-start given by SoftSolutions and its extensive knowledge in market connectivity, we’re rapidly becoming a real alternative in the European Financial market.”

About nexRates
nexRates  is a new venture, founded in 2011, proposing itself as an alternative in the Financial Technology market, able to bring both new bond pricing experience with latest technology, reliability and high performance, high quality service with premium support.
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