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Nowadays Interest Rates Swaps trading is shifting towards etrading – creating a growing business for dealers and clients alike, and opening more alternative trading opportunities.

As Clients become used to electronic trading, they expect quick RFQ responses; for dealers, this implies efficient integration with internal pricing and quant expertise.

To meet client demand, dealers are adopting component interoperability as manual rekeying is slow and poses great operational risk.

nexRates is the ideal integration solution for your quants, enabling you to provide automated customized pricing, super fast.

Suitable for workflows such as IRS non plain-vanilla inquiries, outrights, lists & compressions, with flexibility to deliver and adapt additional workflows to your specific business goals.

Trusted and implemented at a large European firm, nexRates has helped many clients solve a multitude of issues. We help companies of all sizes link their IRS analytics from an Excel spreadsheet with incoming IRS inquiries and reply with minimum possible latency to clients.

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