We are looking for a new Java Talent to strengthen our Development Team.

The position offered relates to the role of Senior Java Developer to be included in a team specialising in the development of Fintech solutions.

Our ideal candidate has the following characteristics:

  • 3-5 years of experience gained in software development companies or consulting firms;
  • Good knowledge of Java Client/Server technology (multithreading, sockets, etc.);
  • Knowledge of Java development environments (Eclipse, netBeans, etc.);
    Good knowledge of C++ Client/Server technology (sockets, multithreading, …)

Preferred qualifications will be considered:

  • Knowledge of HornetQ (and other JMS);
  • Knowledge of Rule Engines to make front-end Agile, such as Drools;
  • Knowledge of FIX protocol, financial markets and trading applications, databases;
  • Documentary (e.g.: MongoDB) and/or Cassandra;
  • Experience in the use of swing GUIs and Java;
  • Knowledge of relational databases (MySQL, Oracle).

What we offer at SoftSolutions:

  • Permanent employment or consulting contract with salary commensurate with experience;
  • Corporate welfare plan (for employee contract);
  • A structured insertion path and on-the-job training;
  • Work organization according to the Scrum framework;
  • Good working climate;
  • Stimulating work place in an international and expanding company;
  • Possibility of 100% smartworking.

Send your Cv to curriculum@softsolutions.it