We are looking for a Senior DevOps.

The Senior DevOps Engineer works with product developers to automate and accelerate the testing, release and deployment of our products into a runtime environment quickly and reliably. The Senior DevOps Engineer will have a background in development, operations, and full-stack implementations. He will also have experience programming in a high-level language such as Ruby, Python, Java, C# or other language to script installation, configuration and provisioning. He will be providing continuous delivery solutions in both a deployed Windows environment and an AWS cloud environment and have experience with the core suite of tools used to manage AWS.

The Senior DevOps Engineer will establish and employ Continuous Integration practices and tools such as Bamboo, Maven and other CI tools. They will have experience in the use of configuration management automation tools such as Chef (or other such tools) in creating continuous delivery systems. He will employ industry Continuous Delivery patterns and collaboratively work, as part of the Scrum Teams, with other members to achieve successful continuous delivery solutions. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or closely related subject (an advanced degree is preferred).

In addition, 5 or more years experience in designing large and complex IT operations in large organizations, such as financial institutions is a welcome trait. The Senior DevOps Engineer will be responsible for mentoring and teaching existing devops team members. As such, the ideal candidate must have experience clearly explaining solutions to complex problems and demonstrate the ability to lead and impart knowledge effectively to junior resources.

You will have a full mandate, from the CEO and the Management Team, to industrialize and rationalize the delivery and operations process; SoftSolutions vision has fostered development of tools such as Gina (backend component installer), PacMan (Configuration manager) and many others, with the goals of delivering system information visibility, real-time ops control and complex systems installation.


  • Providing solutions to manage the installation and configuration of our products in complex environments with fast and reproducible results.
  • Consulting with management on the operational requirements of software solutions.
  • Contributing expertise on information system options, risk, and operational impact.
  • Mentoring junior software developers in gaining experience and assuming DevOps responsibilities.
  • Collaborate effectively with other team members and stakeholders from different technical backgrounds
  • Contribute proactively to maintain a transparent and positive environment inside the team
  • Develop shared tools and libraries to accelerate development teams
  • Infrastructure management on AWS and deployed environments, using an Infrastructure As Code approach.
  • CI/CD pipeline management.
  • Provide subject matter expertise in architecture, system and networking design reevOps matters.
  • Improve observability for products and infrastructure.
  • Collaborating with developers on software requirements, as well as interpreting test stage data.
  • Developing and designing automated module deployments.
  • Supporting the devops team in coding, as well as resolving implementation errors.
  • Overseeing routine maintenance procedures and performing diagnostic tests.
  • Documenting processes and monitoring performance metrics.
  • Conforming to best practices in network administration.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, or similar.
  • Extensive experience in DevOps Engineering, team management, and collaboration.
  • Working experience with Chef Software
  • Advanced knowledge of programming languages such as Ruby, Powershell, Python and Java, and writing code and scripts.
  • Ability to oversee and mentor junior software developers, as well as report to management.
  • Working experience with AWS Services
  • Working experience with Windows & Linux OS and shell scripting
  • Expertise with Git and GitLab
  • Comfort with frequent, incremental automated code testing and deployment
  • Experience with automation frameworks such as Chef
  • Ability to run software projects, gather test-stage data, and perform de-bugging.
  • Proficiency in documenting processes and monitoring performance metrics.
  • Advanced knowledge of best practices related to data encryption and cybersecurity.
  • Ability to keep up with software development trends and innovation.
  • Excellent English, both spoken and written.

What we offer in SoftSolutions!:

  • Permanent basis or long-term cooperation contract;
  • Remote work: presence in the Bergamo office is required for 2 weeks per year
  • Young and enthusiastic work team;
  • Good working climate;
  • Stimulating challenge in an international and rapidly expanding context.