For maternity replacement in our Quant Staff Team, we are looking for a Fixed Income Quantitative Analyst who, in synergy with the Business Analyst Team and the Developers Team, will take care of:

• implementation of fixed-income analytics and pricing, risk and other financial indicators models;

• work with the Support team to analyze pricing, risk and P&L issues;

• cooperate with the Business Analysts team in writing specifications for our core product (nexRates).


The ideal candidate has the following skills:

• excellent knowledge of the bond structure and the concept of yield;

• knowledge of financial market practices and related instruments such as Bloomberg Terminal, credits pricing;

• use of Excel and Python for modeling financial algorithms;

• knowledge of QuantiLib and other quantitative libraries;

• ability to find pragmatic and innovative solutions to business problems;

• Good level of English (both spoken and written).


What we offer in SoftSolutions:

• fixed-term employment to replace maternity with a salary commensurate with experience;

• a structured induction path and on-the-job training;

• Organization of work according to the Scrum framework;

• Good working climate

• Full remote working