The Alessandro’s story in SoftSolutions!

Hi, my name is Alessandro, I’m 26 and my role in SoftSolutions is DevOps Team Leader. I’ve started my career in SoftSolutions! five years ago, it has been easy, because I’ve started to work in a field that I loved. I’m a technology passionate since I was a child, and starting to work for a software house was the ambition I had during my studies. Softsolutions is not my first work experience, but it is the first work in a software house. The first role I played in SoftSolutions has been the IT Support. It was fantastic, because I had the opportunity to study new technologies, and expand my knowledge. After that, I focused on DevOps, starting from scratch and getting where I am now. SoftSolutions has always believed in me and in my potential, valuing and highlighting my capabilities. The path is not always easy, but SoftSolutions also teaches you to learn from mistakes so they won’t repeated In SoftSolutions I found a family, and before being colleagues we are friends … and this is fantastic!


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