The Karima’s story in Softsolutions!

My name’s Karima, I’m 23 and my role is Customer Support & Delivery. My entrance in SoftSolutions! hasn’t been easy: when I first arrived, almost three years ago, I had never worked for a company and had no clue what the procedures, methodologies and requirements normally applied to such environment were. I didn’t even have an advanced technical education to make me suitable to cover this role, I was in every way a newbie – not really the easiest resource to place. But SoftSolutions! believed in me more than I did in many periods and they never let me down. I got better under all aspects here: I learned this incredibly difficult and stressful job (but also very fulfilling and satisfying!) and, mostly, I grew as a human being, getting to interface an adult world completely different from the one I was used to. SoftSolutions! prepared for me a number of trainings and courses any time I would need them and always pushed me to take up my fears of failing as personal challenges. SoftSolutions! blinks the eye at mistakes because they are fundamentally convinced they’re the best way to let people become better and improve the company itself. SoftSolutions! is, in spite of my previous experiences, my real “work-mom”.


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