STP Service

STP Service allows a real-time data feed for back-office, compliancy, risk-management and position-keeping processes of the financial institution.

STP integration manages the reconciliation between orders and contracts, carries out the mapping and the standardisation of information and sends the processed data to the back-office systems using a transactional technology that guarantees the certainty of the operations, the monitoring and logging of processes.

STP Integration

  • Integration with standard protocols (XML, DB, JMS…)
  • Integration with proprietary systems
  • Transaction consistency
  • Exception management and reporting, even for external and mixed mapping
  • Functional and IT monitoring
  • Web GUI for fast exception handling
  • Autonomous management of Data Mapping options
  • Management of the reconciliation between orders and contracts
  • Management for markets and orders closure
  • Collection of contracts, orders/RFQ with cancellations and changes
  • Multi-asset platform (Bond, Future, Repo, Equity…)
  • Multi-market connection
  • Integration with FIX 4.x channels


If you wish to receive detailed information please send an email to sales(at)