SoftSolutions! Market Making trading platforms cover increasing multi-market, multi-asset, high performance functional demand that have led the development of SoftSolutions!’ offering for the last decade.

SoftSolutions! offers multiple solutions for professional Market Making, thanks to its extensive expertise on products and platforms for the trading room.

  • nexRates: rates trading platform for the sell side, providing direct connectivity, trading, price dissemination, client inquiry management, pricing algorithms, position keeping, risk management and post trade downstream processing for bonds e-trading.
  • XTrade! Square Repo: Multi-market, high-performance, modular and scalable trading platform, used by Repo Market Makers to connect and trade on main European Repo Venues (for more details, see XConnect! Gateways list).
  • STP Integration: STP integration allows a real-time data feed for back-office and Compliance, risk-management and position-keeping processes.