XTAuctions! Spain

SoftSolutions! decided to enhance XTAuctions! leadership as provider platform for the primary markets in European, integrating a new access facility towards the Spanish primary market, consolidating it with the well-established XTAuctions! Italy module, adopted by Italian Government bond specialists, offering a unique solution.

Connection with Banco de España is provided by the SWIFT Access Facility (SAF), a proprietary new channel that provides monitored and safe connection, and allows full workability, enabling all the available auctions for the Spanish DMO: Primary, Second-round Spanish auctions.

XTAuctions! Spain features:

  • Effective ergonomic interface
  • Continuous monitoring performed by specialised dedicated staff
  • Smooth deployment
  • Trader access credentials are directly managed, with no constraint from BdE
  • Uses SAF (SWIFT Access Facility), reliable connection with Banco de España
  • XTAuctions! Italy’s identical setup (same Hardware and DataBase)
  • Connectivity via BTRadianz
  • Auction History Browsing
  • Services and quality enforced by SLA

If you wish to receive detailed information please send an email to sales(at)softsolutions.it