XTAuctions! Italy

XTAuctions! allows real-time operations on new issues of Italian Government Securities. XTAuctions!enables users to operate on securities, (BOT, CTZ, CCT and BTP) issued by the Italian Ministry of Finance.

XTAuctions! has a real time interface to integrate best prices on grey market from MTS. Additional index prices can be easily integrated. These values became the sourcers for the pricing making mechanism and can be used as Security parameters to avoid misprices.

The main functionalities are:

  • Continuous monitoring performed by specialised dedicated staff
  • Smooth deployment
  • Real-time integration with MTS
  • Multi-user
  • Enabled for specialist re-opening auctions
  • Effective ergonomic interface
  • Customisable security parameters
  • Direct gateway to RNI
  • Auction History Browsing
  • Services and quality enforced by SLA

XTAuctions! also provides two dedicated modules for OPTES and OMA auctions:

  • XTOptes!: multi-user application allowing primary bidding on OPTES, Italian Operations on behalf of the Treasury
  • XTOpen!: front-office component that allows traders to participate to “ECB Open Market Operations” (such as LTRO and TLTRO) with Bank of Italy for Italian authorised branches

If you wish to receive detailed information please send an email to sales(at)softsolutions.it