BestX! EMS

BestX! is an electronic trading platform for Fixed Income orders that provides pre-trade and post-trade management to respond to today’s MIFID II Best Execution compliancy.

BestX! validates, controls and executes orders collected from retail clients, branches, OMS systems or via other channels using smart order-routing technologies.

BestX! executes orders by integrating different liquidity pools such as Bloomberg, MarketAxess, Tradeweb, European Domestics, such as MOT, ETX.

The functions covered are:

  • order validation, control and execution
  • pre-trade permission checks and execution strategies (algorithmic approach) including automatic management of Pre-trade MIFID best-execution compliancy
  • smart order routing to appropriate exchanges/desks using predefined policies (internalisation strategies available)
  • automatic Post-Trade reporting and storage of all transactions
  • complete auditing

BestX! has been in production since 2005 thanks to a partnership with its customers.

BestX! plus

  • Reduction in transaction costs and errors
  • Reduction of order management and execution time
  • Quick and transparent execution of MIFID compliant trades on multi-trading venue environments
  • Dashboard provides orders statuses and alerts for manual intervention
  • Benefits of RT execution on available liquidity pools, efficiency and liquidity
  • Increase of order execution throughput
  • STP available for orders
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure