SoftSolutions! connectivity technology for financial markets has entered the fixed income world in 1997 with the advent of the first MTS telematic markets. The increasing functional demands for multi-market, multi-asset, high-performance solutions have led the development of SoftSolutions!’ trading platforms over the last decade.

XTrade! Square, BestX!, XTAuctions! and all of SoftSolutions!‘ platforms on the market today are based on the reliable, modular, highly performing and integrated suite of XConnect! gateways.

The continuous research of new technologies by its R&D team, as well as its partnership with market-leading companies such as MTS (LSE Group), Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuters, ICAP, Eurex, Nasdaq-OMX, allowed SoftSolutions! to maintain its connectivity modules in step with the growing technological, functional and performance-related evolution of modern financial circuits.

The XConnect! suite ensures the availability of an integration environment that includes all the components for interconnection with standard protocols (FIX, XML, JMS, MQ, DB, …) to various financial and commercial solutions and to customers’ proprietary applications.