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Since ever, Softsolutions! DNA has had two main features:
• Partnership with clients
• Teamwork

Our claim is: “to be a Fintech partner for innovation”

SoftSolutions! was born as a highly competent professional reality, with the ability of collaborating with its clients by establishing a constant dialogue and representing a point of reference for what concerns technological innovation.
This attitude brought us in years to cooperate with major international interlocutors and to experiment with important challenges.
At the same time, a primary importance is given to our team: we grow a collaborative attitude and believe that by keeping a good capacity of confronting each other and sharing experiences, the group will be stimulated to give its best.

For these reasons SoftSolutions! offers to its collaborators a work environment that promotes everyone’s professional skills and personal development.

• We give our employees long-term working perspectives
• We reward success and achieved goals
• We listen carefully to all the emerging training needs.
• We believe mistakes are essential for any kind of growth and we encourage people to learn from them: we consider ourselves an organization that teaches and, at the same time, an                     organization that learns.
• Weing a distributed company (remote friendly) we promote autonomy and accountability in people.
• We give our collaborators the safety of a Welfare system to valorize the care of themselves and their families

PEOPLE working in SoftSolutions! share characteristics and values. These must be present also in any new employee integrated into our team. We like all kinds of people who love their job, are curious, open-minded and flexible. The variety of ethnic groups, age, cultures and experiences is an element of wealth to us.
People in SoftSolutions! are the only value that can make the company alive.


  • We collaborate with our clients to help them innovate
  • We believe Fintech and Automation will drive the future of our clients
  • We are a Software Product Company in a vertical business segment
  • We are experts and innovative in Finance and Software Development
  • We value and foster transparency and collaboration
  • We value mistakes! A recognized mistake means:
    • I care about what I do
    • I am strong enough to admit it
    • A recognized mistake reduces its impact on the team/client