How we work

SoftSolutions! has been present for several years on the market, providing telematic markets applications directed to capital and primary markets dealers. Our software solutions for operativity on Fixed Income markets have been adopted by a number of financial institutions and brokers all over Europe. An increasing number of traders use our applications for autoquoting, proposal management and transaction tracking.

Our experience is based on a sound know-how to Object Oriented technologies (from modelling to software development) and on network programming. Moreover we master architectural pattern technologies that constitute the foundation of data and workflow management environments.

SoftSolutions! uses quality, reliability and guarantee as keywords in its working practice. Our product development strategy lies deep in the the utilisation of standards for:

  • documentation
  • analysis methodology
  • selection of foundation software
  • software development

We adopt methodologies for Object Oriented Analysis and use technologies that reflect market standards. We also give extreme importance to the documentation: we consider documentation as a core part of our products and projects. These aspects have become part of our modus operandiwhich permits us to develop software applications that are:

  • robust
  • hardware independent
  • easily maintainable
  • extendable and scalable

We have a good competence in information buses and information distribution paradigms, such as subscribe-notify, pull-push and broadcast.