SoftSolutions! was founded in 1997 by Roberto Cocchi and Andrea Gambirasio, who have shared the goal to create and grow a company whose target is to create high quality software.

We work in the Information Technology domain with focus on the financial market sector and distributed system factors, where we have strenghtened our competences. Our staff has grown richer in extremely qualified people: all of them have contributed to increasing the know-how and the productive capacity of the company.

Our philosophy of growth has always has been one of “sustainable development“; we integrate new profiles in our personnel in a progressive way, in response to the increasing requirements of the market and of our customers.


What our clients appreciate the most is that they find themselves working with a group of people who are competent, motivated, rapid and reactive.

All the collaborators of SoftSolutions! work in a team, each with their own specific competence and, at the same time, with a global vision of the problem.

Teamwork and information exchange are fundamental and allow us to assist our clients to our best and react proactively to their needs.


President Roberto Cocchi
Sales & Marketing Michele Comi
Director Roberto Abati