Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This corporate social responsibility policy (CSR) is intended to provide guidance on how the corporate social responsibility work is conducted within SoftSolutions (SoftSolutions! S.r.l).

SoftSolutions is committed to conducting its business responsibly at all times, which means respecting the safety and health of its employees, protecting the environment, respecting human rights of its employees and others in the communities SoftSolutions operates in.

In order to meet the requirements of CSR from all SoftSolutions´s target groups including customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders and to fulfill the obligation to provide corporate social responsibility, a shared set of values and rules have been developed.

SoftSolutions´s employees will always be aware of the company´s basic beliefs and follow our CSR. Through the efforts of each of our employees, SoftSolutions is determined to take pride in being responsible, respected and welcomed. SoftSolutions’s CSR policy is approved by the Board of Directors. SoftSolutions´s CSR includes but is not limited to the following:

– Sound corporate activities.

– Respecting human rights.

– Complying with local and international laws, rules and regulations.

– Maintaining a good working environment.

– Contributing to sustainable development.


Sound Corporate Activities

SoftSolutions endeavors to comply with international regulations, related laws, and internal rules, exercise sound and fair corporate practices, earn the trust of stakeholders such as customers, employees, business partners, and society. SoftSolutions will maintain constructive relationships with administrative bodies, remaining politically neutral and complying with laws, and will not engage in relationships with individuals or groups that threaten social order or safety.

 Corporate Framework

 Articles of Association
The main business objectives of the company are to develop the most formidable systems for financial and economic markets and related activities. SoftSolutions has appropriate corporate procedures and adhere to all applicable laws.

Board of Directors
SoftSolutions has established appropriate procedures for the work of the Board of Directors and for its control of the administration of SoftSolutions’s business. The procedures are reviewed and approved annually at the first meeting of the Board. The Board shall hold its first meeting immediately after the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board shall meet at least once a year.

SoftSolutions complies with all applicable auditing laws and has an auditor in all countries where it is required. During board meetings, the company’s auditor should be present when needed for evaluation of the financial position of SoftSolutions and, in all events, at least one time per year. The Director’s report shall clearly indicate how SoftSolutions’s organization is formed so that the accounting, the cash management and the SoftSolutions’s financial situation can be satisfactory controlled. Further details are set forth in the Operating procedures for the Board of Directors.

Travel, Representation and Payment Cards
At SoftSolutions, our business trips must be well motivated from a business perspective and thoroughly planned. The mode of transportation and travel standard should be chosen with consideration to price and in line with the SoftSolutions’s environmental policy. SoftSolutions has specific procedures for travel expense reports and entertainment, internally and externally, will only be reimbursed if reasonable. Price consciousness shall be applied in all aspects in regard to trips and representation. Company issued credit cards or corporate credit cards shall be seen as working tools and are only issued to employees after need. All expenses must be motivated with proof of very specific needs.

Softsolutions has well established procedures for its sales operations. Organizational safeguards ensure efficiency, a standardized business model, minimized risk, allocation of responsibility and a correct and stream-lined invoicing process. Further, the Procurement and Contract Signing Manual is aimed to stream-line the process of procurement and contract signing within SoftSolutions. SoftSolutions’s Delegation of Authority Policy effectively manages and safeguards the financial resources of SoftSolutions and its subsidiaries. SoftSolutions has clearly defined limits on authority designated to specified positions of responsibility, and the established maximum amount of commitment and risk the individual is authorized to undertake on behalf of SoftSolutions.


Human Rights

SoftSolutions respects the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognizes our responsibility to observe those rights that apply to our performance toward our employees and the communities we work and live in. SoftSolutions takes responsibility for all people participating in the conduct of its business. Softsolution employees are not deprived of their human rights, or subject to mental or bodily harm in their labor. SoftSolutions understands that its business may have an impact on human rights issues, in particular in relation to people’s working and living conditions. SoftSolutions respects fundamental freedoms and rights. SoftSolutions acts within the scope of local and international laws, rules and regulations. SoftSolutions values and respects different cultural backgrounds and traditions and tolerate no discrimination based on age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, social origin, political beliefs, ethnic background or disability. SoftSolutions is totally opposed to all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery as well as all forms of forced labor and child labor. SoftSolutions does not, directly or indirectly, use forced labor or other forms of involuntary labor, including prisoners, bonded workers, illegal workers, or other non-paid workers. SoftSolutions recognizes and honors the rights of every child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous, to interfere with the child’s education, or to be harmful to the child’s health or physical, spiritual, moral, or social development. SoftSolutions complies with applicable law and international standards regarding child labor.


Employment Law/Work

SoftSolutions strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. Work environmental aspects are considered in all relevant decisions relating to the business. SoftSolutions complies with applicable labor laws in all countries.



SoftSolutions’s environmental work is based on promoting a sustainable society and contributing to sustainable profitability. Environmental work is an integral part of SoftSolutions´s business activities in which laws, rules and regulations are followed. SoftSolutions continuously improve and monitor environmental performance. In order to achieve this we work to optimize the use of energy in the business and reduce the relative amount of waste etc. Environmental work is based on SoftSolutions´s Environmental Policy.



This policy applies to all employees of SoftSolutions srl and its subsidiaries. In cases where national regulations cause difficulties regarding the implementation of or differs from the content of this policy, national regulations shall rule in those areas. Other parts of this policy shall still be valid.