nexRates is the alternative in the Financial Technology market, able to bring new trading experience in a multi-market, multi-feed and multi-asset environment, providing operation on: Govies, Credits and High Yield bonds.


nexRates key features are:

  • Bond pricing engine
  • Advanced Yield curves management
  • Multi-trading venue and multi-currency system
  • Natively integrated with exchange and data provider connectivity
  • Quoting and trading for both D2D and D2C markets
  • Advanced an custom Market Making strategies
  • Tiering and AutoQuoting (RAR-RFQ AutoReply)
  • Real-time Risk service
  • Position keeping integration (as Bloomberg PK)
  • P&L custom calculation and integration
  • Advanced GUI for ergonomic bond trader environment
  • High performance and low latency

nexRates is the infrastructure which the latest SoftSolutions products for Fixed Income trading are based on, and its architecture can integrate other modules in order to provide a more complete and comprehensuve solution (i.e. BestX, Sales Commander)

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